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Hello & Welcome!!


Welcome our Ministry, we are a 

For Profit Ministry, whose purpose is to use a percentage of  the sales our products to partner with and help expand other ministries, help plant churches, and to grow our own ministry.

as a  newly born again Christian, the only thing that I can do to help grow the Church is to put my hand to raising money to donate to other ministries, that I feel has really helped to raise me up, and feed me as a new believer. 

As a newly born again Christian, who has dedicated myself and my work to The Lord Jesus Christ, and Kingdom Art By Corlinna is a for profit Ministry. Meaning That our art, and other Gifts are  Christian centered, and part of our proceeds go to help finance other ministries. 

My story as a Christian starts when I was  watching Robin D. Bullbullock , he had a simple message to all Witches', explaining to them how Satan had twisted their prophetic gifts, that what they were was most likely a prophet. And I felt something move through me, I felt a knowing go through me, and a conviction go over my heart. I knew right then and there that he was telling the truth. and I got down on my knees asked my Lord and savior for forgiveness, and turned my life over to Jesus, asked the Holy Ghost to come live in my heart, and started throwing all my Witchcraft books and paraphernalia away. 

​I had been a Witch, and a Lifestyle Dominatrix for yrs. When I turned my life over to Christ he broke the spirts behind those things off me, and healed me of it in one day. 

My Testimony is one about a Parodical daughter, and how she came home. 

I do not know exactly how my Lord will use me, I only know that if my Lord and King can save me, then he can heal and save anyone, and we can all be overcomes by the blood he shed on the cross, to buy us back and by our testimony of what he has done for us.  

For anyone who is practicing Witchcraft out there, I promise you there is a living God who loves you, and it is his desire to set you free. you feel that you have committed the unforgivable sin of deigning the Holy Ghost,  you haven't, because if you had then how is it that God saved  our ancestors, know this... the ancient Chaldean who were the  ancestors of the Israelites  served a pantheon of other Gods, and when Israel strayed and served other Gods when they would repent and turn back to him, he forgave them and took them back.

Example Two: In the New testament when the disciples went to the gentile they gentile were all serving other Gods, and when they turned to Christ he gladly received them.   

You are the fathers Child, and he wants all of us to turn to him, except Jesus as your redeemer and savior, he excepts you just were you are, and Holy Spirt starts cleaning your soul in a gentle way, he never condemns you, he convicts you.. and you ask for forgiveness. he throws our sin as far to the east and west as it can go, it is cast away, never to be remembered against you. This is for everyone no matter what. 

God does-not hate anyone, he hates sin. 

He loves you, and it hurts him that you are not with him, it grieves him. 

If my simple testimony has touched your heart, and you have not excepted the Lord as your Savior, and feel the need to do so now, then just simply get on your knees, and say Dear Jesus, I need you, I need God, I need the Holy Spirt, I trust and believe that you died on the cross for me, and I am a sinner, I need you to save me, clean my sin away with your blood, and become my Lord and savior, who I will follow for all eternity.  And then Ask Father to forgive you of your sin, Say Father I am so sorry for any sin, transgression, and inequity that I have done, or my ancestors have done to offend you, will you clean me with the blood of your son Jesus, so that it will speak better things about me then the blood of Able. and then Ask Holy Spirt to come to live inside you, with the proof of the spirt.. with all the gifts given by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. 

I pray that for those reading this, that it will bless you greatly..

Amen and Amen

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